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So, the day that I officially moved into my new house, i planted a variety of...  well, plants.  I usually do a lot better with fauna then flora- but I can grow some pretty tasty watermelons.  The reason that I hate to garden is that you have to do it....  outside- with the bugs and dirt and filth.  I'm just not really the kind of person who goes outside- if you can't tell from the lovely tan that I'm rocking- I don't like most of the things that are not inside a hermetically sealed lab.  I don't even like having the windows open.

However, despite common sense, modern psychology has called attention to the dangers of living OCD- and it may very well do my psyche some good to see something green living and thriving on the fumes of the ant-spray and cleaner.  As a result, I gathered a bunch of seeds, and I'm gonna see what I can grow upside down in the house.  The window garden, as opposed to the outside garden, has actually been quite pleasant so far.  Instead of kneeling and digging in dirt, or picking bugs off plants, you just put down the dirt, the seeds, and then you make sure that you give them food, water, and attention.  Just having them in the house almost seems to push them up the food chain- until they grow big and strong enough for me to eat them at least.


I need to transplant these sunflowers- the most delicious of all flowers to my knowledge.  I know that some people love dandelions, but sunflower seeds are definitely tasty.  They've gotten so big now that it would really do them good to have their very own pots- which are still piled up in the car with all that other shit.  I really need to get that done today while Cammy is here, because he can help me with it.


These herbs and some strawberries are just pushing their little heads out of the dirt.  I totally forgot what kind of herb this was, as they're really all grass anyway, and I have a spice rack, I mostly just planted these to feed to the rabbits, but also just for the psychological satisfaction of not being surrounded by unfeeling death.  So far, it's going pretty good.

I want to keep the garden growing in pace with itself so that I can have plants all year long without having to listen to or worry about Mother Nature and her unpredictable (to me anyway- I know nothing about meteorology) weather patterns.  It won't stop frosting until April?  That's funny, because my sunflowers are already growing!  I'll start out with these easy plants before moving on to the ones that I want to eat hardcore- the melons and veggies and whatnot.

When you're gardening indoors, it's freaky how similar to Harvest Moon the process actually is.  I originally wasn't going to plant any flowers, but they were cheap and now I'm glad that I did.  The flower is the HM equivalent of a turnip- they sprout in a very short time, presumably just to show you that the process works.  They provide hope for the rest of the plants, at least for their caregiver that they would be alright.  By taking them indoors, into my sanctum, I have come to feel a real connection with the plants, like I said, they have become more like an organism then a job to take care of.  Since they started sprouting up, it has occurred to me that all I have to do to get the crops taht I want is to take care of them.  If they don't grow, i will know that it was my fault- just like if I neglected one of the animals.

It's strange how I used to think of evolution, really.  I knew that plants were constantly living, breathing (thanks for the O2, btw) and evolving along with the rest of us, but, I suppose as an ethnocentric animal, when I think of evolution, i tend to think of myself and my fellow critters evolving, struggling, living against a blank green background. 

The world is rarely as simple as I tend to see it- never got past that kindergarten mentality and as a result, I don't really get a lot of the stuff that happens around me.  People care so much about some things that are really pointless and stupid- such as what sports team wins what event or whether Myomoto is really retiring or not- and don't care at all about the shit that actually matters- as an example, the mountain-top removal or the horrible treatment of minors here in Appalachia that leads to a disproportionate amount of injuries and devastating illnesses like Black Lung- not to mention a group of people who are fed on coal slurry, and then belittled by society at large (google: HillBilly- yeah, you wouldn't have any teeth either if your running water was acidic enough to eat the enamel right off and take the first layer of skin off your gums, causing them to gradually recess and expose more enamel for the slurry to eat away).

But, this garden proves a bright spot- a reminder that though I am not immune to these empty desires and wild goose chases I still have a mind, and possibly a soul, of my own that I could use to actually try and accomplish something in the world.  And that's when the real depression sinks in.
Oh man, I am so upset. So, let's not shy away from it- I'm an American, a US American for those of you aggravating people who don't understand our ethnocentrism and think that the rest of the continent(s) count(s). We're a Capitalist society, which, for the most part has worked out pretty well (if you ignore all of history, as we do) but lately, I'm feeling a crunch. I lost my job, unemployment doesn't really exist, and they've cut off my internet. I'm going to school now, and I'm trying to get some financial aid to cover my ass, but if some of you have noticed that I haven't been on-line this month, it's not because I hate you, it's because I'm poor.

It's also really inconvenient to be without internet because of blackboard and all that other internet shit that is essential to education in this day and age- you guys are college kids, you know what I'm talking about. I'm in the computer lab right now trying to get a paper printed out and do all my BB stuff for tonight, so I'm just hoping that it all goes OK.

Now that I've bitched about everything going on in my life, not being able to pay my bills, my house falling apart, my car falling apart, ect. Lets take a moment to explain why that makes me a bitch. I am broke as hell and bitching because the government doesn't give a damn. You know who barely has a government? Haitians. I know that we were fucked pretty hard core when the hurricane hit here, I mean, the road signs were gone, the water line was up, and a lot of people dies from exposure or starvation. I wasn't one of them. I have running water; full of coal slurry, but running none-the-less to be boiled and used. These folk are royally fucked- I mean, there were a lot of ares without basic necessities anyway; from what the TV tells me, and now they got nothing. That kind of pisses me off, because, and my geography is poor, I thought that Hatti was off the coast of NY/Florida side of the states. Like, right off the coast, Caribbean close. To the point where a lot of folk can live in the States and still have realitives that have lost everything. That... kind of makes us assholes, guys.

As a result, I'm gonna encourage anyone who has a facebook account to join the Helping Hatti community- it may not be much, but the sponsors of this club have offered to donate $1 for everyone who joins. Also, but Colbert's old shit- AT&T have offered to match these bids dollar for dollar in an effort to help the victims of this tragedy. Because, come on, that has to suck. So remember, no matter how bad your life is, if Mother Nature hasn't taken revenge on you yet; you're doing better then a lot of folk.

Alright, now that I'm out of soap and my box has collapsed, let's talk Zombies. I mentioned in my last blog that I had RE5 sitting on my shelf and hadn't opened it yet. Well, now it's opened and I must say, possibly the best RE yet. I've got to say that prior to RE4 I wasn't a huge fan. I liked the storyline, but I'm just not a survival horror kind of gamer- I HATE fixed camera angles and pre-rendered backgrounds you LAZY ASS PROGRAMMERS. It is not mood-setting, it is not frightening, it is not suspenseful, it is ANNOYING! When I am trying to shoot something in the head, I step backwards, and the screen changes, that is just BAD PROGRAMMING that certainly could have been eliminated in the PS2 era, but it took you until RE4 to get it? You know what, at least you're not Silent Hill, so you're good people.

Second reason this game is awesome- Wesker seems like he's not sticking his ass in it every three seconds. And the second strand of the virus gives you big bugs that drain your spinal fluid and then control your body. That is, quite simply, 50s movie awesomeness that can not be contradicted. Just, pure awesome. Plus, the two player dynamic is really convenient, because as I had been bitching before, to many games in this day and age assume (especially you Microsoft) that you're going to be playing with someone on-line. Look, if I could split a 12in screen playing that tank game on an atari, I can split my 42in in this day and age. Thank you, RE, for just splitting the screen. No extra bullshit, no hoops to jump through, just a good, solid game.

I'm sexist, so I like that there's a girl. I just didn't like Leon being the only character with his bleach job that looked like he needed a touch-up some fierce and couldn't find a salon that wasn't zombie infested. Like he couldn't loot some Clairol- it was FUCKING FRANCE. But bringing Chris back (who has yet to figure out how to pick locks, but will just pistol whip them until they fall off, occasionally) and adding this new Jill-esc chick Shiva (the destroyer? Zombie destroyer?) was a brilliant plan. Unfortunately, you don't pick your character- I had my profile all loaded up and everything and had to switch controllers because it defaultly made me the guy- but I've only played 2-player so I'm assuming that there's a way around that if you play with it enough.

Now, comes my single bitch- I DO NOT PLAY GAMES DURING CUT SCENES- Resident Evil, Section 8, Soul Caliber, and everyone else who doesn't seem to understand this- the cut scene is where you stop killing zombies for a second to get a drink, smoke or eat or whatever it is that you do. If I wanted to shoot Chris's chain when he's being dragged behind a motorcycle, I would do it, in game. His ass can get road burn; I need a drink of my soda. At least it's on an X-box where the buttons are what they should be- X is where your brain says X is, where it has been since there was an X on Super Nintendo, and you're not hitting square like a dumbass from muscle memory wondering why you died; but still.

Aside from that, this game is pretty awesome. RE seemed to have learned a lot from 4 that they're incorporating into the control scheme, and it may possibly be the smoothest running RE control scheme ever. If you haven't played it already, I highly recommend it- but do try to play with someone unlike Cammy, who just runs around, activating cut scenes and wondering why I have more bullets then him. And remember, you noobs, that red plants DON'T DO ANYTHING ON THEIR OWN! You have to combine them with a green. Please stop wasting them.

Video Games & a Cool Pic

OK, so finals are over! Woot! As a reward, I have come into a rather large collection of Wii games, and I've started to break them in. First up, some downloaded stuff that I have been wanting to play since I was like 12. I finally went through and beat Paper Mario, what I assumed, and have never been corrected, was a sequel to Mario RPG. It was pretty strait-up Mario RPG, which was cool- I actually liked that game, the way that the battles were kinda turn based, except you could defend or avoid attacks without wasting turns, with button combos. I like that. I always hated that I could be a level 99 fighter or something, and then get hurt by a cactar. Once you get high enough, no goomba can touch you. Fun, not really that challenging RPG.

Which is quite the opposite of the New Super Mario Brothers for Wii. I've only played through one level of it so far, so I don't want to make up my mind just yet, but so far, it's been pretty good, pretty true, but somewhat bouncy. I love that the Yoshis are back! Yoshi is probably my favorite character from the Mushroom Kingdom! Go Yoshi!

But anyway, Silent Hill 5, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicals, 4, and 5 sit on the shelf- awaiting the day that I will be patient enough to play them. We Sonic kids don't do to good on survival horrors; see, we lived through an era that taught us to live without fear in video games, so the things that are supposed to scare me, like cinematic fixed camera angles, kinda just piss me off. But, they are all supposed to be good games and I really want to play them.

Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, I have but a single question for you. Why is it so hard to split the screen in half? What is up with all these new games having on-line only co-op? Look, that's great and all, but really, when I have someone that I'm gonna play with, they're usually sitting on the couch beside me, you know? Not miles away with their own system and game. We've been splitting screens since the atari era, so don't tell me that you can't do it.

Do you guys remember Harvest Moon? That game is like silicon cocaine; for no discernible reason, you find yourself lost for days at a time wondering how that chick you're trying to nail liked those turnips that you gave her. You find yourself saying, "Just one more day, then I'll get up to eat." and you have no idea why. This one is even more addicting then any before it, because of all the new touches that they gave it.

Hot chicks, hot guys, and more- Everyone in this game has a heart meter; which I'm hoping means that you can be gay if you want. That would just be a really cool feature- there's this guy, the carpenter that reminds me of a bishouen (sp?) Nathan Explosion who's pretty cool that I wouldn't mind marrying, but I'm going for the Elven blacksmith right now because she's awesome and my stepson would look like Link. Plus, they keep coming, at least the entire first month introduced characters at about one a week.

Critters- Unlike the other Harvest Moon games, this one makes you domesticate wild animals that you find. Now, since it's set in a fantasy land, there are in addition to normal fare like cows, you'll find crazy shit like orcs and bell-sprout looking plants that can actually do the farm chores like weeding, harvesting, chopping wood, ect, for you as long as you take care of them! This is awesome! I haven't found one that waters yet, but I really want to- that's the worst part. This elephant-looking critter showed up, isn't in the barn with the others, doesn't care if I pet it, can't be harvested, won't eat, and doesn't do anything. I wonder what's up with that.

Avarice- You can add on to your house like crazy with a forge, alchemy station, and kitchen. They all allow you to make different stuff that does different things, for example, you can cook food that, in addition to being used as a gift, can heal HP and RP. You can use the alchemy lab to create tonics to speed up the harvest or heal what ails you. You can use the forge to create better farm tools, armor, and weapons.

Dungeons- And why, you ask, would you need weapons in a Harvest Moon game? The answer is simple, there is now more going on in the world then simply tilling a plot of land. There are now monster-filled dungeons for the hearty adventurer in all of us. Here is where you are likely to find your domesticatable animals, your herbs, extra chopping wood, and crazy ancient runes that a scientist in town is studying. I feel like there's a deeper story here.

Oh, and on one more side note- usually, I'm not a big fan of Ash, more of a Team Rocket rocketteer you know? But when I logged into DA today I saw a pic that somehow made him likable, almost attractive. So for this stunning feat, I would like to congratulate Suikuro! And invite everyone to check it out here: Pokemon Red


Tomb Raider

Well, I have finally finished, triumphantly, not only Red Link, but also a present for a family friend. I hope to be able to get off my ass tomorrow and actually take some pictures of them. I have a couple of finals that I really need to study for, one that I have already aced, and a couple that I am already pretty confident on.

In an semi-related note, I have discovered a video game store here in town that is having a massive sale right now for the holidays. In addition to some gifts for others, I also got a couple of games for myself that I had been wanting for a long time, but had been to broke to buy. One of the first was Tomb Raider: Anniversary! Amy Henning, the legendary prodigy behind the Legacy of Kain series was set to write one of my favorite games of all time. The Wii development team was the same that had worked on the Prince of Persia, a wii engine that flowed beautifully and added real depth to the game without wearing me out. Except for that one part with the giant statue, but I am convinced that the answer to that one really is just to mess with it for days until you figure it out. There is no other way. This game should be amazing.

So I put it in to play, and I am really happy to see that the opening cinematic stayed true to the original story, something that I had been worried about. So then the game starts, and there's this added part at the beginning where you are basically supposed to get used to the Wii controls. It's really super-fun and flows kinda like PoP! Then, the second part of the original cutscene plays, and you go down to fight the wolves. And then...

I was allmost killed... by wolves... By the pack of dogs that isn't really in the game... So, many of you are thinking, "Wow, you're really bad at that game." But I actually considered myself realitivly good at anything Eidos had ever produced. I've been obsessed with Tomb Raider since it came out; remember? There was an entire generation of us... Lara was the first real game heroine that wasn't wearing full body armor. Anyway, I have beaten most of the previous games, and the others are on my list... but in this one... You didn't auto-aim. No lock on. You had to point the Wiimote like a gun while you dodged and did most everything that you normally do in a fight, with the nunchuck. Tomb Raider requires crazy acrobatics, so you auto-aim. They all auto-aim! This same game auto-aims on the X-box! What the hell is that? This is a huge deal for me. I couldn't beat the first boss battle with the T-Rex; just couldn't do it. I had to have someone else aim and shoot- become an auto-aim while I dodged. Couldn't the controls have been better here? Maybe something like Zelda, where the zoom is the Wii-aiming, and there's a "lock-on" button. Couldn't it be that stupid-ass camera-lock button? A boss battle is not a two man job! Not in a single-player-game! Work with me!




Follow the Blue Rabbit

This post is going to be completely unrelated to art, just a small reprieve that I have taken looking back over the past few months concerning a rabbit. So, don't get to interested. As some of you may know, I was off-line for a while because I was dealing with the death of a friend; someone I really didn't expect, and was kind of shocked into... I don't know, a bit of numbness to the rest of the world that was really kind of helpful at the time... It's complicated. But... I didn't mean to be making myself sad here in the beginning... He was a great guy, I think that some of his music is still up on his myspace page, from waaay back. I heartily endorsed it then, and I still do! His name would be BlueDreamer. Anyway, one of the many things that followed this was that I inherited, of all things, a blue rabbit and a Pomeranian Because that's not gay. (inside joke)

Well, I had a concern over this, because I already had a pet, a half German Shepard, half Terrier mix, who looked like a raccoon as a baby, and looks like a tiny, tiny Shepard now. His name is Sparkticus; but we usually call him Sparks, Sparky, Spark-dog, SparkyMegee, etc He tends to respond to all nicknames, including, unfortunately, dumbass. I love him, and he loves me (and everyone else- he will jump up and lick you in the face, even if you're a three-year-old he just met at the dog park; I had to apologize to her mom) but, being a dog, I wondered how he would react to a rabbit. And, he is insanely jealous of me, I mean, he won't even let other humans get close to me without including him; like you go to hug someone, and he jumps in the middle, as if to say, “hug time is SparkDog time!”. So when this little puffball-dog jumped on my lap, he was not happy. In fact, he freaked out hardcore and is only now, months later, beginning to accept him, and only because this new dog, Bandit, has come to accept certain things, like that he sleeps near the bottom of the bed & Sparky sleeps at the top, you know, dog things. But the rabbit has been outside most of the time because there are actually three dogs living here right now, and the other is a hound dog, and I didn't know how he and Sparky would react to the rabbit. But, it has began to get cold, especially at night, so I decided that I had to bring him in the house, and try to get the other critters accustomed to him. Bandit already knew him, and would be fine, but I had no idea about the other two.

Well, the results have weirded me right out. Elvis (the hound... I know right...) pretty much ignores him, and I think, “but he's a hunting dog, bred to chase rabbits” and I look at him, and I realize that he has never really been outside, except to go to the dog park, and that this is probably the first rabbit he has ever seen. Sparky, however, was fascinated He would stick his head into the enclosure, when we let the rabbit out to play, so that we constantly had to tell him to back up (he obeys pretty well, but he would forget within a few minutes and go right back) and if he could, he would stick his head into the cage when it was open! He even stole an alfalfa cookie! He's a damn dog!

So, I figure, he's trying to eat him. Then, one day, the rabbit stands up on his haunches, and bites the shit out of Sparky. Well, he cries out and back the hell up out of that guy's yard, as per my original warning, and learns that I won't steer him wrong. Since then, he has been more cautious, though I have still had to get onto him, the other day I was in there with Cammy, and he pointed out, “that bunny sure does love Sparky.”

I looked over at them, and the rabbit was standing on his hind legs, sniffing closely at Sparks while he stood perfectly still and let it. Then, he nuzzled it! It was the cutest thing that I have ever seen! I mean, it kind of brought me a whole new perspective on life for that instant. Then, the problems started.

I can simplify them by stating that the door to the cage is controlled by a handle smaller then a SparkDog mouth. I was sitting around playing Halo the other day, and I notice a weirdly moving shadow beneath the chair on the other side of the room, and I realize it's a rabbit. So I got to pick him up and put him back in the enclosure, when I realize that I never put the enclosure up. Sparks had opened the cage. So, I put the enclosure in front of it when I close it now, and that's stopped it so far.

The reason that this worries me, is that Sparky is a dog-dog. His favorite thing in the world, is that he will come up to you and open his mouth. He wants you to grab the top of his head, and try to shake it lose from his body. I don't know what that is, but he LOVES it. And, apparently, so do a lot of his friends, including Elvis, and MadJack Fluffkins, the Wolverine of cats, but some people, like Bandit, don't, and others, like the bunny, I am pretty sure it will kill. But, I was also afraid that he would seriously hurt Jack, and he didn't. But I don't think that he understands, being a house dog and all, that he can kill anything. So, I've decided to teach him not to do that, to see if he can understand a concept like fragility, I mean, Bandit understands it.

But I am glad that they're all finally getting along. I was wondering how having this many pets would affect things, but it's actually not that bad. I need to go clean the rabbit cage though. But, that's alright. That rabbit is going to be bold by the end of this, I think.



Backups & Babies

I'm getting really excited about my house. I know that it may seem odd to others, but having a creative space of my own is very important to my flow. I can't really work without having some sort of connecting theme... However, I do have a lot of Blargas stitched up and ready to put on-line whenever I get everyone out of my house and have acess to them.  Right now I think that they're all piled up in a box in the living room or kitchen one.  But I have an entire set, a horoscope series that I'm almost ready to put up on etsy.  That is, some of them I'll be willing to sell, but some of them are going to becomes gifts to those who are extra close to me.  

In a kind of related note, I need to get buisy on some kind of little boy craft.  My friend Doug's wife finally had their baby last night, a healthy baby boy named Johnny, whom I am sure is out for a wonderfull life.  If nothing else, his daddy will surely protect him and look out for him.  It's his first kid, so we're all really excited for them!  Yay for babies!



Blarga Blarga Link

LinkFighters are known, in the sword and sorcery multiverse, as hardened warriors, with more mobility and less hardheadedness then a Knight, making up any minute shift in strength for a wide gain in dexterity. Rangers live by the phrase, "know your environment" and may even prefer the wild outdoors to civilization; some have even been said to have taken the shape of "spirit animals" or "totems". Elves, by that same tolkein, are said to possess a brilliant tactitional mind in a body whose humanoid shape responds with a grace beyond the grip of all but the most hardened human warriors. This lethal combination enjoys sneaking, fighting, killing monsters, camping, fishing, and horsies.

Green is a color symbolic of the elements of earth and wood; those that make up the living base that everything else thrives upon. It would most commonly be used by Wood or Earth elves; or anyone trying to blend into a woodlands backdrop. It generally will do well in most climates.

True to his ecological nature, our friend here is wearing an outfit made entirely of 100% recycled yarn.
This item is available in my etsy shop!


Jolly Roger Earrings

Because everyone loves pirates! These danglies are made from recycled plastic that I salvaged from food producers, which otherwise would have went strait into the dreaded landfill. They are not only ecologically friendly, they are an excellent addition to any outfit, though I find myself partial to goth, punk, lolitaish designs on something so deliciously evil, yet amazingly feminine.



Frogging & Other Things

This has been a long day. Even if it wasn't art school, I'm still going back to school, and any way that you stack it, I'm completely unprepared for it. But, I'm almost finished with Link, and I have a million ideas for things to do next. One of my professors has a Mohawk, that's how great the day has been. But seriously, the Link Blarga that I'm talking about, the next stage that I get to sit down and work on him, or at the very most, the next two stages, he'll be finished.

In other artsy-related news, we went out shopping in the "vintage" (by which I mean: secondhand) stores because everyone got their refund check in. I found a HUGE canvas for only $3. It already had a painting on it, but whoever painted it didn't care enough about it NOT to give it to Goodwill, so I thought that it would be the perfect base for my first painting in my new studio. Which is getting closer and closer every day. I really don't know what to put on it yet... something realistic to show that I can paint? I only ever do those for class. Everyone only ever does those for class. Unless they're aiming exclusively for hotel paintings... But anyway.

I don't know if I already mentioned this or not, but I found the exact color that I needed to make an all most perfect skin tone for Link, as well as a significantly darker one that would work well for someone like... Barret from FF7 (ideas, anyone?). So, I've taken the sweaters and began to rip them apart to make the yarn usable again. I'm just about finished with the Linky one, so the rest of them won't have to be this kinda creme color. I'm really liking the way that he turned out, though. I really hope that I can find the time to work in the next couple of days. I want to be able to offer him up for sale.

New projects that I'm thinking about

OK, so I recently got some birthday money. I've had these ideas in my head for a long time of some more actual blargas, not sock blargas, but real blargas that I've been wanting to make forever. They're going to be based off various game characters, all my favorites at first, and then probably moving on to commissions I'm staying at a friend's house right now, and I can't help but notice how difficult it is to get used to someone else's keyboard when you've used only your own all summer. I wonder if I'll ever get used to the computer labs.


Anyway, these blargas that I'm working on, I went to goodwill, and I got a couple of sweaters to frog for the yarn, and a couple of bed sets that I can use for fabric. I'm, unfortunately, still seeing dolls and other small-scale projects for the next little chunk of projects, though I still cling tenaciously to the chance at a real home, not the living room, and possibly, even a studio. It could happen as early as next month, who knows?


One of the sweaters that I got to frog was a light-tan to palish skin tone, something that I am in dire need of. Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with the legend of Zelda video games; so it should come as no short surprise to you that my first doll in the series is probably going to be link! (Random tidbit; this computer won't let me make a capitol “l” I don't know what that's about.) Right now I've been ripping the hell out of that one, and with the help of a few kids, I've nearly gotten it finished. Then, I'll be able to start construction. I'm excited.


I've also decided that I need to get a sketchpad to keep with me so I can start just drawing again; not schematics, but just those little random things like I used to. I think that it would be good for me. And this other site, “Gaia” that I post on occasionally has contests all the time for people who draw avatars I always thought that my style was honestly a little to “cutesy manga”, but really, maybe that's not something to be ashamed of. Maybe I just am a little more cutesy then I would like to think. I mean, I make f*cking dolls. I'm gonna be an awesome old lady when I get that far; I need me a rocking chair. Does anyone know where to get one or how to build one?


But you know what? I really do need to start drawing more; I mean, I still have Photoshop, and that's a pretty heavy investment $$$ so I really need to use it. Plus, apparently, my first try wasn't really horrible, I did get a few good reviews on it. I think that's just what I need to do for now. I have no space, and they take virtually no space. Perfect. I may only be earning cyber-gold at first, but maybe some of my textile stuff will pay off a little with Etsy. I wonder if anyone else would like a BlargaLink doll? Maybe Shadowlink? (damn, it made the “l” one time, and I can't make it do it again, what the hell was that? Why give me false hope?)






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